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The Lecture Series is back!

Come join us for the Lecture Series of 2022!

GlobalScot Dr. Jim McLaren Lecture: “The Industrial and Commercial Heartbeat of Scotland: Past and Present”

In 2001 Arthur Herman wrote a book entitled, “How the Scots Invented the Modern World.”  Whether that claim is accurate or exaggeration may begin to be determined as the industrial and commercial heartbeat of Scotland is considered in this lecture.

Key attributes of the people of Scotland include resilience, creativity, and innovation. This presentation will explore the results of these attributes on industry and commerce over the years. While everyone associates Scotland with kilts, bagpipes, Clans and Scotch whisky, the country also has a rich and deep legacy of major innovations in industry and commercial activities that will be discussed. Topics will range from steel to textiles to banking to agriculture to energy to computer sciences and the timescale covered will be the most recent 300 years.

Although Scotland is a small country, its industrial and commercial developments have had significant impact around the world. The presentation will also be focused on some of those achievements and is also intended to provide interesting information that is not commonly known. For example, the following questions are just a small sample of what will be revealed:

· What is Scottish white gold?

· Do you know why Dundee was called the city of “3 J’s”?

· What ended at Ravenscraig?

· Do you know the difference between a Finnan Haddie and an Arbroath Smokie?

· How many nuclear power stations are in Scotland?

· What Corries song has the line “Black gold and fishes fae the sea, man”?

· What happened in Silicon Glen?

Sign-up and come along (“let’s foot it out together”) to this entertaining presentation. It is guaranteed that you will learn something about Scotland that you likely did not know.


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Diane McCullough Lecture: “The Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education”

Scottish Partnerships for Arts and Education (SPAE) was the brainchild of Society member Diane McCullough nearly 20 years ago. They bring traditional Scottish musical artists over from Scotland to St. Louis to conduct workshops, lectures, and concerts in public schools and the local community. Maybe you’ve heard of them, but didn’t know what they do. Come join us to learn about the history of this organization and their exciting plans for the future!”

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Past Lectures

Carol Whitton Lecture: “The Use of DNA Testing in Genealogical Research” Traditional genealogical work depended on documents and artifacts to establish a person’s ancestors. While not replacing these methods, the use of Mitochondria and Y DNA has opened-up exciting new methods for research and discovery. This lecture will help explain these genealogical methodologies.


Everyone has a wonderful time at the speaker series! Check out some of the pictures below!

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