Bringing Scotland to the Heart of St. Louis!

Scotland has an incredibly rich culture and history, one that extends wherever Scots have settled throughout the world. Since the mid-1700s Scots have migrated to one continent after another and they left their mark in every place they settled. Early St. Andrew societies were the nerve center for many Scottish communities in new homelands. Now in the modern day, we maintain our culture through educational programs, events, and sharing our knowledge with the public.

Scotland has made tremendous contributions in literature, music, religion, economics, art, government work, and many other fields that it's hard to fit into one page! Check out the full Culture drop-down menu to learn a bit about each subject.

We will update this page on a regular basis to cover as many facets of Scottish culture as possible. If you'd like to suggest an addition, message us on our Contact page!

Loch Lomond nestled in the Scottish Highlands

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