Community Work

Community Work

The Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Louis was established to immerse people in Scottish culture. We challenge ourselves to teach as many people as possible about the incredible value of Scotland and its heritage. Over the years, members and officers have volunteered at schools teaching students about the many different facets of Scotland and promoted Scottish heritage in the civic sphere. Activities and Board committees are active all year round with all types of community projects and we're always working on more. Here's a snapshot of their work!


Robert Burns Statue Restoration

Located at the corner of Forsyth and Skinker Avenues, next to Bixby Hall on the Washington University Campus, the Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Louis was a primary donors toward the restoration of the Robert Burns Statue.

The process for the statue included pressure cleaning with glass microspheres, repair and patination of the bronze, saturation with acrylic lacquer, and finishing with paste wax. The process for the pedestal included poultice-based cleaning for stain removal, repair of the stone and mortar cracks, cleaning & repointing. The statue signifies not only William Bixby's passion for literature and founding the Burns Club of St. Louis, but the great Scottish foundation of St. Louis.



Scottish St. Andrew Society of Greater St. Louis in partnership with volunteers from the Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education, the St. Louis Curling Club, Dance Caledonia, Highland Mist Country Dancing, and individual members are available to participate in your school or organization's cultural day or festival. We assist students in learning about our culture, language, Scottish history, Highland Dress, bagpiping, music, the Scottish games, Highland Dancing, and Scottish Language (Scots Gaelic).

Our members are happy to volunteer their time visiting schools, local museums, parks, and other educational institutions sharing their knowledge and promoting Scottish culture. We take pride in going out into the community and connecting with people who are also passionate about all things Scottish.

For the past two years, we have participated in the Premier Charter School's Multicultural Fair and we have a blast! The students are so eager to learn about Scotland, ask questions about the kilts, and go home with some shortbread! Contact us to see how you can get involved with the fair.


Scots in St. Louis Speaker Series

In 2018, the society received a grant from the Missouri Humanities Council to invite guest speakers and scholars presenting speeches on the history of Scottish migrants in Missouri. The first round of lectures took place in the spring of 2019 and it was a rousing success! Guest lecturers from Missouri State University, the St. Louis Genealogical Society, and others gave some great talks about the impact of Scots in the Midwest. Right now we're planning the next round of talks so stay tuned for more information!

A Future Scholarship

Society members have begun to tentatively outline a new scholarship fund for students pursuing post-secondary education. Within Scottish culture, there is a strong drive for educational excellence and we as a society nurture the growth of knowledge for everyone. More details about the scholarship fund will be posted in February. If you'd like to become part of this exciting new initiative, email Thomas Richardson at for information.



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