Bylaws Unit Amendment


A “unit” is a self-governing entity within the Society whose purpose is to perpetuate the Society’s goals in a specific way. A new unit shall be formed after a written proposal for the unit is reviewed and approved by a majority vote of the Board. All members of a unit shall be members in good standing of the Society.

A unit shall elect or appoint its own officers (including a unit manager and treasurer), formulate its own rules and/or regulations consistent with the Society By-Laws, and keep its own financial records. The Treasurer of the Society shall maintain access to any accounts and financial reports of the unit, and each unit shall make its financial reports available to the Society Board upon request. A unit shall also contribute financially to the cost of Society insurance when associated with the operation of the unit as determined by the Society Board.

There shall be a representative of each unit on the Society Board who will be a voting member of the Board. The representative shall report to the Board at each Board meeting regarding the activities and finances of the unit.

A unit may be dissolved by a majority vote of the Society Board after review by the Board. Members of the unit may also withdraw as a unit from the Society. Any assets of the dissolved unit shall be distributed or disposed of by the Society with input from the dissolving unit and in accordance with state and federal law and regulations.

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