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The Board of Directors comprises of the officers who manage the administrative, legal, financial, communication, and logistical support for the society. Any member in good standing can run for a position on the board during elections at the Annual General Meeting in September. Monthly Board Meetings are open to general membership and are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at Fallon's Restaurant in Olivette.

If you'd like to reach a specific board member, please indicate in an email or message on our Contact page and they will be in touch with you soon!

Matt Pantaleoni - President

Matt is a native of St. Louis and has been a part of the Scottish community for over 25 years. He is an accomplished bagpipe player and teacher, and visits Scotland (almost) every year. He is passionate about creating a strong Scottish community here in St. Louis, and is dedicated to growing the Society and it's membership.

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Karen Kraft - Secretary

Karen has served as the Society Secretary since 2010. In addition to her secretarial duties, Karen is also the head of the Burns Dinner Committee, which plans our annual Robert Burns Dinner each January.

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Scott Sinclair - Vice President

Scott is a retired professor and an active member of the Clan Sinclair. He was elected to the position of Vice President in 2020, and is the main liason between the Society and the clan heritage organizations. Scott also heads efforts for the St. Louis Scottish Games organization.

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Bill Hamrick - Treasurer

Bill was elected to the board in 2018. He is a retired Professor of Philosophy (PhD) from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He is also actively involved with the Clan MacFarlane Society.

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Allan Stewart - Attorney

Allan has served as the Society's attorney since 1992. His Scottish heritage rests on his father's side, hailing from Paisley and then Canada, before Allan was born in the US. He has been a practicing attorney since 1972 and is licensed in both Missouri and Illinois.

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Rebecca Hunsel - Communications 

Rebecca has been involved in the Scottish community since 2008. She was elected to the Communications Director position in 2022 and also currently serves as the Membership Coordinator for the Society. Most recently, she organized and managed the family picnics for the Society.

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Millie Slack - Chaplain

Millie is the spiritual leader for the Society. She ensures that our activities are guided by the principles of the bylaws and for the greater good of the world around us. She also ensures that anyone in our community who is in need or in distress has appropriate spiritual and material support.

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Anna Friday - Events Coordinator

A native of Scotland, Anna quickly became a valuable appointed member of the Board as the Events Coordinator. She spearheads many of our community-focused activites such as our Tartan Day ceilidh, collaborations with local businesses and organizations, and successsfully navigated and presented our "virtual events" during the covid period.

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The Board of Directors includes Members-at-Large, who represent the society membership as a whole. These members take on multiple roles, serve on committees, and other duties as appointed by the society President.

Helen Jack - Social Media

Helen currently resides in Scotland, and is responsible for engaging members and building new audiences through social media. She generates most of the content on our Facebook page, and keeps us informed of cultural interests and happenings as they relate to Scotland.

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Rebecca Hunsel - Memership

In this role, Rebecca manages the processing of new and renewal memberships and answers questions from new or potential members. She oversees outreach for expired memberships, and targets new audiences. Rebecca is also the Communciations Director for the Society.

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Chris Fulton - Past President

Chris Fulton is a long-time society member who previously served as society President for a number of years. A strong supporter of the St. Louis Scottish-American community, he was pivotal in the establishment of the new Missouri state tartan, the 'Show-Me' Tartan.

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Laurie Hartung - Member-at-Large

Laurie has been a Society member since 1988 and joined the Board in 2017. Laurie plays the bagpipes with the St. Louis Caledonian Pipe Band, and is the liason between the Band and the Society, coordinating the Band's performances at the Burns Dinner and at other special events.

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Joe McMinn - Member-at-Large

Joe was elected to the Board in 2022 and has been an active member of the St. Andrew Society since 2019. He also a member of the Menzies Clan Society. Joe looks forward to serving on the Board and welcoming new members.

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Holly Sinclair - Member-at-Large

Holly became involved in the Society through her father Scott, our Vice President, and has active interests in her Scottish roots. Holly is an avid traveler. She is also a teacher, copywriter, and lover of arts, history, and literature.

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Donna Anderson - Member-at-Large

Donna joined the Society in 2020, after retiring from a 33-year career at Nestle Purina. She has been the Clan Elliot Society commissioner since 2012, and was excited to make her first trip to Scotland in 2018.

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Liz Belcastro - Member-at-Large

Liz is a second-generation member of the Society, with her Scottish roots on her father's side. She has been an active member of the Society for many years, and has served on our Burns Dinner committee since 2010.

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